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Drilling Training

A qualified project manager and operation lead can get the full use of the Drill Rig and maximize your efficiency. The practical training system allows students to quickly learn about project management,operational skill and maintenance of the fully-hydraulic Drill Rig.


1、Project Manager, operation lead and maintainer; Courses starts on the 25th of every month

2、Custom training program for large clients


1、Experienced equipment engineers and drilling technicians

2、Professors from specialized institutes

Our Services (3)

Our Services (1)


After-sales serviceOur Services (2)

Start-up and commissioning service provide professional start-up service. Our engineers can assist with assembling and debugging the equipment to ensure a smooth start of the project.

Technical support  experts and technical team provides on-site supports and services for specific issues and difficulties.

After-sales e-commerce platform, together with our Hong Kong Parts Centre and Chengdu and Wuxi’s parts and maintenance centers, provides immediate response and service to any issues you may have

Factory maintenance and repair provides lifetime services and maintenance. We create profiles for each rig to track history and ensure professional repair and maintenance.