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Do you know how the following records are worked out?


EGR portable drilling rig records:


11553m EP600PLUS monthly efficiency hit the record among the same type of drilling rigs;


2934m EP600PLUS, 60 aperture, the maximum drilling depth record in extremely cold region the among the same type of drilling rigs


3900m EP600PLUS, one hole is completed within 18 days, the fastest drilling record in sloping rock formation


4830m EP600PLUS, 75 aperture, 75° dip angle, the maximum drilling depth record among the same type of drilling rigs;


5801m EP600PLUS electric drive version, 75 aperture, EGR first hit record of the maximum drilling depth underground among electric drive drilling rigs;


6731m EP600,the maximum drilling depth record for single hole among the same types of drilling rigs;


7297m EP200G, the maximum drilling depth record in complex formation where hole is broken in Tibet;


More records are being made, to be continued…


This is actually simple: learn, grow, love!Teams hitting the records are doing very well in these three aspects!


Almost all of them took part in EGR training, So, using the same drilling rig, Whether taking part in the training, however, how large the differences in efficiency are!


Owing the full set of new equipment is the first step, Love from heart, learn and grow continuously,


Master new drilling equipment technology quickly, Is the key to operate the equipment and create profitability!


2019 is coming to an end, you’ve waited and watched for almost one year, Seeing others have mastered portable drilling rigs and its drilling technology,


Are developing better and better, you must be very anxious?! It doesn’t matter, there is still opportunity!


The 37th EGR Foreman Training is opening! Come and learn!


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Introduction to the Course

It all depends on human effort. New equipment needs new professional, especially foreman! As leader of group, foreman’s level and capability determine drilling footage and efficiency to the great extent, which is crucial to safety and direct economic effectiveness of the whole project!

Portable Drilling Rig Foreman Training Camp has been held for 35 sessions constantly, through continuous upgrading by our team, Operation Practice of Portable Drilling Rig has been summarized for your learning! The key points are as below:


【Module I:Project Operation and Management】


Project management is core of drilling team, however, how to design procedure reasonable and scientifically, improve team efficiency, and make drilling fast and safety is a learned skill.


Slow footage』Drilling efficiency is too low, what to do?
Unstable』Group members are unable with high turnover, what to do?
Focus on the key』Three time points of drilling project management, how to control?
Manage process』Busy but orderly drilling process, how to manage?


Key points:


1. How to effectively manage three points of project objective control
2. 6 factors of foreman management
3. Job design of group member
4. How to devise work plan


【Module II: About Drilling Rig】


Drilling is developing toward higher, deeper, more partial, more difficult and faster direction, as well as extending to underground from group exploration, national policies guide exploration and drilling towards green and environmental protection development. Therefore, the requirements on drilling equipment are becoming higher and higher. If there are some questions with your drilling equipment, you shall take part in the training.


Roughing, large, heavy, dirty, disordered, poor, unsafe


Key points:


1. Development course of drilling rig
2. Introduction to portable drilling rig and its auxiliary devices
3. Drilling technology of portable drilling rig
4. Drilling and operation skills of portable drilling rig


【Module III: Maintenance】


As boss, you shall understand “more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. “How to maintain safety and use stability of portable drilling rig? Maintenance is essential!


Maintenance of value』How to guarantee equipment is under sound status for a long term?
Cost reduction』How to reduce equipment operation cost?
Efficiency improvement』How to improve efficiency through maintenance?
Safety』How to guarantee project safety?


Key points:


1. Three key points of maintenance
2. Four key components
3. How to create grade III maintenance


【Module IV: Practice】


More practices during training, less difficulties in the field. Project environment and drilling progress etc. in the field won’t allow trainees to practice step by step from the beginning to the end. Yet, in the training site there is opportunity for refreshing.


Completely』How to allow trainees to practice completely?
Repeatedly』How to practice repetitively?
Practice』How to make trainees practice what they’ve learnt and feel like being on site?


Key points:


1. Three ways of preparation for the drilling rig
2. Equipment assembling course
3. Nine steps of check before start
4. Drilling with/without casing
5. Master of wire-line coring


【Module V:Cost】


Accurate cost calculation and analysis is the premise that finds out drilling operation issues and improve profits. The project is good, but there is no profit, where is the money? Foreman shall learn these skills!


Waste』Can’t you find the sources for raw material waste?
Save』How to control energy consumption?
Calculation』Which calculation ways are commonly used?
Analysis』How to conduct data management of the drilling rig?


Key points:


1. Master of common calculation ways of the drilling
2. Seven means/knives of cost control
3. Key points of three energy consumption control
4. Common data collection and analysis


【Module VI: Fluid Application】


Fluid is recycling and washing media inside holes during drilling. As “blood” of drilling, it play a very crucial role in safe, high-quality and fast drilling, how to use and make good use of fluid?


Status』What’s status of fluid application on site?
Change』How to change current status of fluid application on site?
Skill』How to make good use of fluid with green and environmental protection formula?


Key points:


1. Three performance of drilling fluid
2. Configuration methods of low solid drilling fluid
3. Application technology of green and environmental protection fluid
4. Cost analysis of drilling fluid


【Module VII: Leadership】


Manager is leading sheep (wolf) of a team. Your ability and status directly influence team’s fighting capacity and morale. Improve yourself before manage others!


Key points:


1. Improve foreman’s influence
2. Intensify team communication and coordination capability
3. Enhance foreman’s responsibility awareness
4. Improve foreman’s confidence


Value-added Service


【Employment Recommendation】


The training center put qualified trainees into talent pool, dual-way recommendation can be carried out according to demands from both enterprises and trainees.


【Remote Technology Service】


The training center can provide remote technology service to help trainees to solve the problems occurring during drilling practices.


【Technology Upgrading Service】


The training center can provide equipment, process and technology upgrading support, allowing trainees to follow closely new technology and to rank the top of technology.


Who shall attend?


People who love drilling industry: foreman, driller, maintenance personnel, self-employed owner…

Post Time:11-19-2019