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Go to Africa, South America, Southeast Asia…


To look for mines, to build roads, to…


Thanks to the accelerated internationalization of Chinese enterprises and the implementation of “The Belt and Road”, overseas mining and engineering exploration are increasing gradually. Many domestic enterprises are actively preparing for overseas market, which has become a hot topic recently.


To improve the efficiency and core competitiveness of the whole drilling team and reduce personnel and overseas expenses, it is the first choice to use advanced portable all-hydraulic drills for overseas project contracting.



EGR equipment in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America


EGR can provide portable, fast and environmental solutions, perfect after-sales service system and personnel training guarantee for the drilling industry, which are recognized and praised by clients. How can we get the same guarantee and service if we are abroad? Recently, clients inquire on such issues constantly.






EGR attaches great importance to the long-term overseas market construction. We have launched the strategy to introduce our brand into the global market, aiming at finding overseas strategic partners at home and abroad, establishing stable overseas sales services and training channels, so as to maximize the convenience and core interests of overseas clients.




Brand introduction of EGR into the global market


What should I prepare for going abroad now? EGR has three measures to support you.


1. We suggest that clients should choose high-quality and high-reliability host devices, and prepare a detailed list for drilling rigs, mud, accessories and other consumables together with EGR overseas service team. These materials will also be recorded at EGR Hong Kong Overseas Consumables Center for the quick replenishment, ensuring that key consumables can be shipped on the means of transport designated by clients within 48 hours. In addition, it can avoid duplicate customs declaration and tax payment of consumables that need to be purchased abroad, saving a large amount of cost for clients.




2. EGR Chengdu Base has one-to-one training service for overseas clients. The training is aimed at three key positions: project manager, machine monitor and maintenance worker. It provides theoretical, practical and field practice training for relieving clients’ worries.




3. EGR will recommend excellent professionals for clients’ overseas construction team and help clients to establish their own team through the experienced project manager and machine monitor to pass on their experience, so as to maximize the interests of clients.




EGR people are willing to cooperate with clients to implement our operation principle of “Innovation-Oriented, Service-Based, Customer-Focused, Benefit-Driven” to realize win-win cooperation!

Post Time:09-09-2019