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On October 25, EGR Chengdu training center welcomed its 36th session trainees to be trained to operate the portable drilling rig.
In this training, among all trainees, company leaders accounted for more than 50%, followed by skilled operators who have rich experience in operating traditional drilling rigs and young rookies who are new entrants of the drilling industry.




Whether in theoretical study or practical operation, in classroom interactions or taking exams, all of them have shown great passions for new technologies and new equipment, embracing new skills with an open mind and empty cup mentality. All we saw is that they are very active and full of positive energy.


“Theoretical Study”



“On-site Practical Operation”



“Course-completion Test”


As the training adopted for the first time after the training syllabus was revised, it amazed all trainees. By setting up the study and communication platform for training, we have helped the trainees improve their skills and expand their circles of friends.


Up to now, EGR has held 36 free training sessions, with 1217 trainees from 122 companies having been trained in total.
Through sharing sophisticated equipment and technologies, we have always been helping customers solve their survival and development issues.


In the future, we’d love to be joined by more drilling-passionate coworkers.


Practice tells us all great causes begin with dreams.


Practice tells us all great causes are based on innovation.


Practice tells us all great causes are achieved through solid work.

Post Time:11-06-2019