Urban Engineering Investigation

Product Features

EGR introduces the well-developed portable, fully-hydraulic drill rig and diamond coring techniques from the mineral exploration to the urban engineering investigation. These advanced techniques, equipment and tools have significantly increased the efficiency, quality and safety in underground survey, railwayinvestigation, infrastructure and residentialconstruction, as well as core-drawing investigation.

Challenges of the Industry

The heavyweight traditional drill rig is hard to be transported and is always struggling with issues such as low efficiency, poor coring quality, high labor intensity and low safety. These issues have already impacted the development of the entire industry, especially in limestone karst terrain, gravel-filled, fractured or strength-uneven terrain, pebble terrain, boulder terrain and deep-hole projects.


     Innovative techniques: thin-wall diamond coring technique to replace general drilling technique

     Innovative equipment:in situ test conducted on a mast truss; high-strength rail system and large torqueengine with large diameter; crawler module option to increasemobility; formulated mud and cycling system available for energy saving; innovative sand and soil tools to increase coring rate and quality

      Innovative test:wireline coring technique to ensure complete sampling; safer and efficient standard-penetration serial hitting without lifting drill



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EGR is an integrated solution provider, specializing in portable, fast and green drilling equipment for environmentally friendly exploration and minimally invasive drilling. With its self-developed full series of portable, fully-hydraulic middle- to deep-hole rig, coring bit and support equipment, EGR provides comprehensive services in geological mineral exploration, infrastructure engineering investigation and urban engineering investigation.