Infrastructure Construction Investigation

Product Positioning


Starting from the actual features of the preliminary survey, location survey, supplementary location survey and variable hole depths in the the strip (line) exploration, the product adopts the mature, portable fully-hydraulic new equipment, thin-wall wireline new process, and engineering exploration in-situ test new method, so as to realize the all-terrain, all-scene and all-coverage application, and achieves the purpose of high-efficiency drilling speed, good quality, few accidents and low cost. In addition, it also enhances the core-competence of the drilling crew, realizes the transformation development, and assists the railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower and other strip exploration drilling constructions to develop towards the high-efficiency, good quality, safety and environmental protection direction.


Industry Pain Points


With the rapid development of the important strategic project of “the Belt and Road” and the infrastructure of mountainous region in central and western China, it is unsustainable for the traditional equipment-dominant line engineering exploration which is featured by heavy equipment, difficult movement, low drilling efficiency, poor coring quality, high labor intensity, bad security, high operation cost and other difficulties. Especially on the extremely difficult line exploration featured by great topographic relief, strict ecological protection, complex formation, tight duration and high security risk, the bottleneck is particularly prominent.




New equipment: The light weight design and materials selection can minimize the compensation expenses for young crops and land occupation during the line exploration process. The modular design concept enables the single rig to serve several purposes. The horizontal hole construction capacity is realized by increasing the horizontal derrick modules. The motor switch module module of the diesel engine realizes the tunnel hole investigation construction. The track module is increased to achieve the environmental safety, fast movement and etc., and finally realize the all-terrain, all-scene and all-coverage application. The thin-wall diamond wireline coring drilling process featured by high-efficiency, good quality and few accidents is adopted. All the key parts adopt the first-line international brands, so as to reduce the idling and standby of drilling crew in the remote line exploration.


New process: The thin-wall diamond wireline coring drilling process with the mature application in geo-engineering will be introduced to the engineering exploration market. The creative retrievable bit standard penetration drilling process (EGR operation method) based on the thin-wall diamond wireline coring drilling process greatly enhances the drilling efficiency, test precision and construction safety.


New construction method: The soil sampling method with hammer is changed by adopting the swivel type double-tube wireline coring drilling process to directly cut the undisturbed soil samples, without changing the tools, which is fast and high-efficiency. Meanwhile, the disposable plastic inner tube may avoid the manual sample packaging and other incorrect operations, and also properly protect the soil samples during the transportation and storage.


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