Geological Mineral Exploration

Product Features

EGR’s modular, lightweight design can significantly improve drilling quality and safety, as well as save cost and protect the environment. These efficient rigs can be operated and transported easily in hard-to-access areas, which has changed the industry landscape and helped boost the upgrading and development of the drilling industry. EGR’s advanced technology and well-rounded services help ensure our clients’ project success.


Challenges of the Industry

Spindle-type drills had been widely used in traditional geological mineral exploration, but are no longer suitable for today’s needs due to its heavy weight, poor drilling quality, high labor intensity, high risk, high cost and serious damage to the environment.



EGR’s modularized drill rigs offer various types configurations based on your needs. It can be used both on the ground and in tunnels and can drill high-quality deep holes at any angles at a lower cost. Together with our thin-wall coring technique and formulated mud, our rigs can significantly improve efficiency and quality, lower project cost, reduce accidents and save energy. The “drilling instead of trenching” technique can flexibly layout multiple holes at multiple angles to reduce excavation area and reduce damage to the environment.




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EGR is an integrated solution provider, specializing in portable, fast and green drilling equipment for environmentally friendly exploration and minimally invasive drilling. With its self-developed full series of portable, fully-hydraulic middle- to deep-hole rig, coring bit and support equipment, EGR provides comprehensive services in geological mineral exploration, infrastructure engineering investigation and urban engineering investigation.