Urban Engineering Investigation

Product Positioning


Based on the features of urban engineering survey and drilling, EGR brings the portable fully hydraulic drilling equipment and diamond wire-line coring drilling process and technology, which are proven in the survey and drilling of geological mineral, into urban engineering survey. Through the technique innovation and adaptive improvement for the equipment and tools, advanced technology and equipment are adopted to change the long-term backwardness of urban engineering survey, boost the high-efficiency, high-quality, safety and environment-friendly development of urban engineering survey, achieve the drilling with high efficiency, high-quality, few accidents and low costs, and create more value for customers!


Industry Pain Points


Traditional spindle-type drill and general drilling technology are widely adopted in urban engineering survey. The poor motility of cumbersome devices, low drilling efficiency, poor coring quality, high labor intensity and poor safety have severely restrict the development of the industry. Such problems and pain points particularly exist in the limestone cave, rockfill/ broken stratum and stratum with uneven strength, cobble stratum, boulder stratum, hard rock stratum, and deep borehole projects.




Technique innovation:

With the long history of development, there is little space for the innovation of general drilling technology, and new breakthrough seems difficult to achieve. EGR takes the lead in introducing the thin-wall diamond wire-line coring drilling, a proven technology in geological survey, to the urban engineering survey. On the basis of the thin-wall diamond wire-line coring drilling, EGR creatively proposed the standard penetration & batch drill without drill lifting (EGR Operation Method), significantly enhancing the drilling efficiency, test precision and construction safety.


Equipment innovation:

As for the pain point of traditional spindle-type drill, based on the drilling characteristics of urban engineering survey (except for normal drilling and coring, soil sampling is also required for soil test and in-situ tests such as standard penetration test and dynamic penetration test), and combining the advantages of portable full hydraulic drilling equipment and the features of the urban engineering survey, trussed drilling rigs are used for in-situ tests; the high-strength guideway system and high-torque motor meet the requirements for big hole drilling and sampling on the surface; the whole underframe and hydraulic crawler walking module are used to improve the efficiency and mobility of relocation; the mud mixed with special formula and mud recycling system meet the requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection; and the innovation and application of soil and sand samplers improve the coring rate and quality.


Test innovation:

Soil sampling by hammering is changed to the direct cutting of undisturbed sample by swivel type double tube rope drilling technology, it is rapid and effective with no need to replace tools. Meanwhile, the single-use plastic tube may avoid the improper operation such as manual sample packaging and practically protect the soil sample during the transport and storage.


Case Studies


 Urban Case Studies

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