Geological Mineral Exploration

Product positioning


The EGR portable fully-hydraulic drilling equipment, with the advantages of modular and light weight design, high exploration quality, high security, cost saving and little environmental destruction, has already been widely applied to the geological mineral exploration drilling industry. Due to its outstanding features of “accessibility, fast movement and high efficiency“, it has quickly changed the traditional extensive and backward exploration method, push the renewal and replacement of the industrial equipment technology, and make the industry develop towards the green exploration direction. EGR assists the clients to swiftly enhance the core competence and create more value by providing the technically advanced products and perfect services to the clients. The series of products have already been widely applied to the green exploration drilling, drilling instead of trenching, underground drilling, etc. The product’s drilling depth capacity covers the range of 200~1,000m, and the drilling angle covers any angle within the range from 30° upwards to 90° downwards, while it may fully satisfy the surface and downhole/ tunnel drilling demands.


Industry Pain Points


The traditional geological mineral exploration adopts the spindle type drill rig featured by heavy equipment, difficult movement, bad exploration quality, high labor intensity of the operator, high security risk, high construction cost and great environmental destruction, which cannot adapt to the green exploration requirements in the new era.




It shall not only fully take the advantage of portable fully-hydraulic drill rig, but also constantly innovate the structure and construction method, utilize the advantage of modularity, and transform the module combination, so as to meet the client’s surface and tunnel construction demands, deep hole demands, and drilling demands at any angle within the range from 30° upwards to 90° downwards. The investment is small and the idleness ratio of equipment is low.


In combination with the rig advantages, it adopts the thin-wall diamond wireline coring drilling process and the special formulated mud, so as to achieve the drilling target of high-efficiency drilling speed, high quality, low cost, few accidents, energy conservation and environmental protection. The drilling instead of trenching process, with the advantages of single-rig-and-multi-hole, fan-shaped hole-arrangement and sampling, flexible hole-arrangement, multi-angle verification, can reduce the excavation area and minimize the ecological environment destruction.


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EGR is an integrated solution provider, specializing in portable, fast and green drilling equipment for environmentally friendly exploration and minimally invasive drilling. With its self-developed full series of portable, fully-hydraulic middle- to deep-hole rig, coring bit and support equipment, EGR provides comprehensive services in geological mineral exploration, infrastructure engineering investigation and urban engineering investigation.