EP200G Plus

    • Product Features

      Designed for an extensive range of construction investigation

      Lightweight, Fast, Safe and Multi-Purpose

      EP200G is designed for coring. Together with various module combinations and EGR’s unique operation method, it can be used in an extensive range of geological investigations in constructionprojects.


      EP200Gplus, with its innovative modular design,it can be used invarious types of projects for your particularly needs

      1Portable Drill Rig

      2Integrated Drill Rig

      3Crawler Self-Propelled Drill Rig

      4Vehicle-Mounted Drill Rig

      5Asynchronous Motor Module

    • Product Advantage

      Modularized with mast drilling frame

      Lightweight design with the heaviest module weighting less than 180Kg; does not require road construction and manpower

      Mast drilling frame that can be easily transported and disassembled; does not require drilling derricks

      Top-drive power heads; long-way guide rail; push by oil cylinders; does not require repeated rechucks Operated in small area; does not require foundation construction


      Fully hydraulic transmission

      Flexible and lightweight design for easy operation

      Steady drilling with adjustable and high speed

      Real-time over-pressure protection provided

    • Product Parameters


    • Application Field

      The products are widely used for drilling fields as following:

      1. Geological mineral exploration: including geological mineral exploration, mineral exploration for drilling in place of trenching; geological disaster governance and exploration etc.

      2. Infrastructure construction investigation: including highway, road, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower investigation and drilling construction etc.


      3. Urban engineering investigation: including urban underground space investigation, rail transit investigation, industrial and civil construction investigation, and pile confirmation and core-drawing investigation etc.

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